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A simple but powerful JavaScript library for tweening and animating HTML5 and JavaScript properties. Works stand-alone or integrated with EaselJS.

TweenJS in action

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TweenJS is a simple tweening library for use in JavaScript. It was developed to integrate well with the EaselJS library, but is not dependent on or specific to it. It supports tweening of both numeric object properties & CSS style properties. The API is simple but very powerful, making it easy to create complex tweens by chaining commands.

  • Apply Easing and Delays
  • Numeric or Non-Numeric
  • Sequences Multiple Tweens
  • Supports CSS Properties
  • Simple and Powerful API

Recent Updates

December 2014
  • Version 0.6.0 released.
November 2014
  • EaselJS Ticker class included in TweenJS
  • New class model, with big performance increases.

Latest From Github

Updated documentation styles

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Updated VERSIONS.txt

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